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Nitoseal PE290

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Flexible polyester loop and lighting sealant
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Nitoseal PE290 three-component flexibilised polyester basedsealant cures to form a tough resilient seal with a limited degree of movement. The material is self levelling and can be poured or gunned directly into horizontal slots. Nitoseal PE290 will adhere to both concrete and asphalt surfaces that have been well prepared whether dry or damp.

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, asphalt and steel.
  • No primer required in dry or damp conditions.
  • Good resistance to chemicals, de-icing salts and hydrocarbons.
  • Slightly flexible to accommodate limited movement.
  • Fast cure at 20°C and above minimises traffic disruption.
  • Can be applied at low temperatures, cures below freezing.
  • Available in black for use on asphalt and grey for use on concrete.
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