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Nitocote PE135

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Eco friendly, protective coating based on hydrophobic polyester resin
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Nitocote PE135 is a single component, high performance,grey colour viscous liquid coating based on hydrophobic polyester resin. It is totally free from hazardous materials/carcinogens such as coal tar pitch, hydrocarbon based solvents, aromatic amines etc.

  • Can be applied on damp concrete which is one day old.
  • Cost saving, material which can be used as a protective coating and curing compound in a single application.
  • Single pack - no component mixing, no wastage, multiple applications from single pack.
  • Labour saving, single component material which is also water based, and therefore non-toxic.
  • UV stable - will not fade or deteriorate in strong sunlight.
  • Environmentally friendly, solvent, pitch and asbestos free and can be used in confined spaces.
  • Excellent service life - resistant to chloride and sulphate ions plus a wide range of chemicals.
  • Durable finish - offers good abrasion resistance.
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